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Making a Difference

In our efforts to provides trauma-informed, victim-centered services 24-hours a day to anyone victimized by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, elder abuse, abuse of the disabled, and human trafficking, ICAN! has developed a strategic plan for 2023-2024 to include:

  • 24 Hour Confidential Crisis Line

  • Crisis Intervention -- Advocates provide crisis intervention through one-on-one work with victims and their families helping them plan what is next to get them out of crisis immediately and for the long term. Advocates provide all the necessary documentation to victims, as well as any emotional support they may need.

  • Advocacy – Through advocacy, clients receive information about ongoing services, assistance with navigating the court system and other victim-centered services, information about the Crime Victims Compensation Program and help with any need that they may have or obstacle they may face. Provide advocacy by assisting victims with their DHS Individual Service Plans (ISPs - when appropriate).

  • Support Groups -- ICAN! offers appropriate peer group programs and educational materials for its clients. ICAN! offers two domestic violence/sexual assault groups and is exploring a Hispanic group in Canadian County.

  • Transportation – Advocates provide transportation to clients to/from shelter, to court and DHS hearings, and other necessary trips. The agency provides funds for bus tickets, taxis and other forms of transportation when needed.

  • Safety Planning – Advocates help implement a safety plan for clients in danger. Crisis plans follow time-tested methods as well as new ideas.

  • Court Advocacy – Advocates go to the courthouse to help clients complete victim protection orders and will go to court with them for the VPOs, as well as any other time the victim requests them. Also provide support services to those seeking police reports and other legal proceedings.

  • Hospital Advocacy - Advocates are available 24/7 to provide emotional support, resources, and crisis services to sexual assault survivors at the hospital, in police stations, and throughout the legal system.

  • Emergency Housing - We maintain relationships with surrounding shelters and local motels to ensure that ICAN has the ability and resources to provide expeditious access to alternative housing, thus providing for the short-term immediate safety of victims.

  • Continue to work with our partner Legal Aid Attorney to provide free competent legal representation and assistance to any abuse victims who are currently and actively seeking services through ICAN!'s Canadian and Grady Counties and surrounding areas.

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