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Behind the Scenes

Intervention & Crisis Advocacy Network, ICAN!, was born in November 1980 from a group of dedicated women in a women's study class at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. They recognized a need for rape victims to have emergency services and support. In February of 1981, the concept was incorporated as the Women's Service Center of Chickasha, Inc. During the fall of 1985, the Board of Directors realized the name was very limiting. Services were provided all over the southwest region of the state and out of state. Services were not only provided to women, but to children and men. In January 1986, the name was changed to Women's Service & Family Resource Center. In 2015, to better reflect all those served, our agency was named Intervention & Crisis Advocacy Network. The Motto of the Intervention & Crisis Advocacy Network (ICAN!) is to:  Intervene in times of Crisis; Advocate for victims of abuse; and Network throughout the community to end domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

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